It can be difficult to speak of how good we truly are. When others ask about our work, we are modest and reserved even when we are amazingly brilliant in our art form. The following words were written by me, a friend and client of Linda’s, who proudly supports her vision and endorses her photography. There is a peace about Linda; a gentle confidence that draws you in and puts you at ease. Her energy is vibrant but calm and allows the client to blossom and unfold capturing the true moment and emotion. Her unique approach to photography is simple yet amazing – she captures and reveals the person and accomplishes this through her connection with the client. Linda views life through the camera lens. Her artistic spirit separates her from your everyday photographer. She is, in fact, an artist… a craftsman of her trade. Amanda, Linda’s daughter, is a spirited young woman who, in watching her mother work, has developed her own special view of photography. Her occasional work behind the camera conveys life. She, too, is gentle in her approach as she strives to capture the heart of the client.

Linda and Amanda worked together to photograph our wedding in 2005. Their high expectations and superb work ethic were obvious; they were punctual, creative, enthusiastic and professional. Since then, Linda has photographed our children as well as clients for my business website. Their genuine sensitivity to the need of the client and their impressive photographs will keep you coming back for more.

Written respectfully yours,
Elisabeth Tinnes, MT-BC